Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Initial Offload: The Legio Cybernetica

Prior to starting this Blog, I've been prepping a backlog of designs so that I could start out at a decent rate, so here's another trio of concepts, again for the Mechanicum (I hadn't done anything for them before, and they've got a ton of untouched sub-divisions) - this time it's the Legio Cybernetica.

One concept I've wanted to do for ages is to have an Automata fighter, and in terms of looking for an aesthetic, I thought it'd be cool to draw from the Hell Blade / Hell Talon design, so you've got the Perditax; second I wanted an excuse to slap Charonite Ogryn claws on a Castellax, which resulted in the Charnax; and finally there's the Menoetar, which just started as a visual concept I kinda ran with, functioning as frames which can carry the Legio's Tech-Priests into battle along side their charges.

Again, thanks for looking, and feel free to leave a comment



Although similar analogues existed in the arsenals of a handful of separate Forge Worlds, suggesting a shared lineage, the Perditax Stratos-Automata only entered service with the Mechanicum at large when the design was ceded by the Vodian Consistory of Xana as part the treaty that brought the Forge World into the fold of the Imperial war machine. A single stage void to atmosphere interface craft, the Perditax is armed and armoured to be equally potent in both spheres of combat, and capable of engaging both mobile fighter craft and stationary or ground-based targets, though its limited operational range compared to dedicated void fighters relegates it to a primarily defensive role out of atmosphere. 

This versatility may be the key to the Automata’s prevalence in the latter days of the Great Crusade, despite Xana’s unenviable reputation amidst the other enclaves of the Mechanicum, with the Stratos-Automata carried in the launch bays of most Forge Worlds’ expeditionary vessels. Whether fielded to defend the vessels of the Mechanicum or to assault the military of a non-compliant world, the Periditax’s nature as a Stratos-Automata enables it to achieve aeronautical feats impossible for any living pilot, bringing ruin to whatever target it is assigned.

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Perditax:                   BS: 4   Armour (Front/Side/Rear): 11/10/10 HP: 4 

Unit Composition:
* 1 Perditax Class Stratos-automata

Unit Type:
* Vehicle (Flyer, Hover)

* Twin-linked hellfire plasma carronade
* Twin-linked missile launcher with ignis-frag missiles
* Flare shield
* Ramjet diffraction grid
* Infra-red targeting

Special Rules:
* Koios Cybernetica Cortex
* Agile
* Deep Strike
* Supersonic

* The Perditax Stratos-automata may exchange its missile launcher’s ignis-frag missiles for one of the following:
            - Krak missiles
            - Rad missiles
* The Perditax Stratos-automata may be equipped with any of the following:
            - Ground tracking auguries
            - Chaff launcher

Koios Cybernetica Cortex:
To accommodate the reaction speeds and navigational abilities required by void and atmospheric combat, the koios cortex removes a number of behavioural locks found within the cybernetica cortex of most other automata, granting the stratos-automata a degree of independence necessary for its role, but which cuts dangerously close to the level of self-awareness possessed by the reviled ‘abominable intelligence’ in the eyes of more outspoken facets of the mechanicum.

A model with a Koios Cybernetica Cortex has the Machine Creature and Programmed Behaviour special rules as provided by a Cybernetica Cortex, ignoring the ‘Methodical’ provision of the latter, and when applying the ‘Target Priority’ provision of this special rule, the controlling player may always attempt to target the nearest enemy Flyer or Flying Creature rather than just the closest enemy model when this special rule comes into effect. Additionally, any such model ignores results of Crew Shaken and Crew Stunned.


Product of the particularly warlike Incaladion Mechanicum, the Charnax stems from the same Castellan STC as the ubiquitous Castellax, slowly adapted over the centuries to better counter the Xenos raiders which plagued the Forge World, as well as its own creators as the world’s fractious masters fell upon each other in the days of Old Night, before the coming of the Imperium. Disseminated amongst the myriad Forge Worlds of the Mechanicum alongside Incaladion’s other novel inventions – the price of salvation – the Charnax attained little widespread acceptance, its particularly malevolent animus and specialised role leaving it overlooked, a fate which would soon change as the Ullanor Crusade was launched in a tide of blood and fire.
Brutally suited to combating the bestial Orks, the Charnax was mass-produced for the conflict at an unprecedented scale, ferried from multiple Forge Worlds directly to the Crusade’s front, deployed en masse to pulverise the Xenos hordes. Though they were never again fielded in such numbers during the Great Crusade, the Heresy’s relentless toll ensured that the reserves of Charnax Battle-Automata retained by many Forge Worlds after Ullanor would be unleashed on both sides of the bitter conflict.  

Charnax:   WS: 4   BS: 3   S: 6   T: 7   W: 4   I: 2   A: 2   Ld: 7   Sv: 3+

Unit Composition:
* 1 Charnax Class Battle-automata

Unit Type:
* Monstrous Creature

* Aephus pattern rotor cannon
* Charonite claws
* Atomantic shielding

Special Rules:
* Cybernetica Cortex
* Reactor Blast
* Rampage
* Support Unit

* The unit may include:
            - Up to four additional Charnax Class Battle-automata
* Any Battle-automata Maniple may be given any of the following options – all Battle-automata in the Maniple must have the same upgrade:
            - Searchlight
- Infravisor
            - Frag grenades
            - Enhanced targeting array
* Any Charnax Class Battle-automata may exchange its aephus pattern assault cannon for:
            - Volkite culverin
Special Option:
* A single Maniple composed solely of a single Battle-automata (of any type) in the detachment may be given:
            - The Paragon of Metal special rule

Aephus Pattern Rotor Cannon:
Enhancing the rotor cannon with higher-calibre rounds and an even faster rate of fire, the aephus pattern produces such significant recoil and heat gain that it could only ever be mounted upon a frame as resilient as that of the Charnax, enabling it to cut bloody swathes through the ranks of any foe.

Aephus Rotor Cannon:   Range: 30”   Str: 4   AP: 5   Type: Heavy 7, Rending, Pinning


The Menoetar Tech-Priests of the Legio Cybernetica are reknown amongst the fighting forces of the Imperium for the Cyber-corpora which carry them into battle alongside their hulking battle-automata, towering monstrosities replete with burnished plating and arcing power-fields. The Menoetar are amongst the most militant of the Legio Cybernetica’s priesthood, driven to unleash the terrifying power of their Order’s most advanced weaponry upon those who would oppose the might of their steel-clad creations, directing them amidst the maelstrom of battle with unflinching zeal.

Despite their awe-inspiring power, the Battle-Covenants of the Menoetar are held in mixed favour by their peers within the Legio Cybernetica, where some regard them as excessively avaricious, even envious of the automata which they maintain, seeking to outmatch their power over warfare. Whatever their standing at the time, the Menoetar grew in significance parallel to that of the Legio Cybernetica at large during the years of the Heresy, with some Taghmata even enforcing compulsory induction into the Cybernetica sub-cult for those Tech-Priests who held dominion over their battle-automata cohorts. 

Menoetar Adept:   WS: 3   BS: 3(4)   S: 5   T: 6   W: 3   I: 3   A: 1   Ld: 8   Sv: 3+
Menoetar Magos:   WS: 3   BS: 4(5)   S: 5   T: 6   W: 3   I: 3   A: 2   Ld: 9   Sv: 3+

Unit Composition:
* 1 Menoetar Adept

Unit Type:
* Menoetar Adept: Monstrous Creature
* Menoetar Magos: Monstrous Creature (Character)

* Menoetar Cyber-corpus
* Cortex controller
* Twin-linked lightning gun
* Mauler bolt cannon
* Enhanced targeting array (increased Ballistic Skill already included in profile)

Special Rules:
* Stubborn
* Covenant Cybertheurgy
* Bonded Tech-Priests

* The unit may include:
            - Up to two additional Menoetar Adepts
* A single Menoetar Adept may be upgraded to a Menoetar Magos
* Any model in the unit may exchange their twin-linked lightning gun for one of the following:
            - Twin-linked multi-laser
            - Twin-linked phase plasma-fusil
            - Twin-linked photon thruster
            - Twin-linked irad-cleanser
* Any model in the unit may exchange their mauler bolt cannon for one of the following:
            - Volkite culverin
            - Multi-melta
            - Conversion beamer

Menoetar Cyber-corpus:
Lumbering armoured exoskeletons, Menoetar Cyber-corpora are constructed by the tech-priests of the Legio Cybernetica to grant them sufficient destructive and defensive capabilities to accompany their automata charges into the most hazardous of warzones, so they might experience but a fragment of the Omnissiah’s power.

A model equipped with a Menoetar Cyber-corpus has a 3+ armour save and a 5+ invulnerable save. Additionally, the model has the Extremely Bulky, Lumbering Advance and Feel no Pain (6+) special rules and replaces it’s Strength, Toughness and Wounds characteristics with the following: S: 5, T: 6, W: 3 (increases already included in profile).

Covenant Cybertheurgy:
Every model in the unit has the cybertheurgy special rule - however, only one model in the unit may use a cybertheurgy power each turn, but for each additional model in the unit the model attempting to use a power gains a +1 modifier to their Leadership value for the purpose of determining whether the power takes effect.

Bonded Tech-Priests:
An army may not contain more Menoetar Battle-Covenant units than it has units with the Cybernetica Cortex special rule.