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Taking a Running Start: The Prefecture Magisterium (30k)

Hey everyone, thanks for dropping by - if you're familiar with the stuff I've done before, you'll probably know what to expect, and if you haven't, you're probably looking for what the hell it is I'm doing here, so I'm gonna get right into it.

The first three unit designs are for the Prefecture Magisterium, basically the doctrinal enforcers of the 30k Mechanicum - you've got an assassin unit, inspire by Remiare; an anti-armour version of the Vorax, and the rank-and file mass cultists of the Magisterium.

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The Interfector Death-Claves of the Prefecture Magisterium are the shadowed hand of the Archmagos Intendant, utilised to expunge internal threats to the dogma of their particular Forge World, as well as to liquidate the proponents of techno-heresy before it can spread, whether they lie under the jurisdiction of the Archmagos or represent an extraneous threat. Irrevocably tied to the particular structure and doctrine of their Forge World, such Death-Claves have often evolved their own shadowed and morose identity, with the most notorious undoubtedly being the Cydonian Sisterhood of Mars.

Whatever their given title and practices, and Interfector Scourge is a singularly lethal assassin, almost entirely rebuilt in a deadly parody of their organic form, sinuous and elegant, armed to overcome the defences of any Magos who should decry the will of the Omnissiah.   

Interfector Scourge:   WS: 4   BS: 4   S: 4   T: 3   W: 2   I: 5   A: 2   Ld: 9   Sv: 3+

Unit Composition:
* 1-3 Interfector Scourges may be taken as a single Elites choice for the army. Each Interfector Scourge functions as a separate unit in the game.

Unit Type:
* Infantry (character)

* Photon gauntlet
* Master-crafted charnabal sabre
* Refractor field

Special Rules:
* Fleet
* Hit & Run
* Infiltrate
* Marked for Death
* Precision Shots
* Precision Strikes
* Stealth

* Any Interfector Scourge may take one of the following options:
            - Jet pack
            - Rad furnace
            - Mechadendrite combat array
* Any Interfector Scourge may exchange their photon gauntlet for one of the following options:
            - Lucifex
            - Archaeotech pistol


Throughout the darkness of Old Night, the Idolum were held under the exclusive purview of the Prefecture Magisterium, built as counterpart to the Vorax upon the shared schematic of the venerated Crusader template. Unleashed in times of the direst doctrinal crises, where the most powerful machines of the Mechanicum had been corrupted against their sacred purpose, Maniples of Idolum Battle-automata would bring ruin to the heretek engines of any Magos who overstepped the sacred tenets of the Omnissiah.

With Unification, the Idolum were given fresh purpose, produced in greater numbers and ceded by the Malagra Magos-warlords of the Magisterium to the Taghmata fleets of the Great Crusade, to purge the Galaxy of the blasphemous machines of Xenos civilisations and errant human conclaves alike. Upon the battlegrounds of the Heresy, the weapons of the sinister Idolum were once again turned against the constructs of the Mechanicum itself, fierce machine-animas uncaring of anything but the will to hunt.

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Idolum:   WS: 4   BS: 4   S: 6   T: 6   W: 3   I: 4   A: 2(3)   Ld: 7   Sv: 4+

Unit Composition:
* 1 Idolum Class Battle-automata

Unit Type:
* Monstrous Creature

* Graviton gun
* Two corposant shock-lances
* Infravisor

Special Rules:
* Cybernetica Cortex
* Fleet
* Scout
* Energy Shroud

* The unit may include:
            - Up to five additional Idolum Class Battle-automata
* Any Battle-automata Maniple may be given any of the following options – all Battle-automata in the Maniple must have the same upgrade:
            - Searchlight
            - Frag grenades
            - Enhanced targeting array
* Any Idolum Class Battle-automata may exchange its graviton gun for:
            - Multi-melta
            - Photon thruster

Special Option:
* A single Maniple composed solely of a single Battle-automata (of any type) in the detachment may be given:
            - The Paragon of Metal special rule

Corposant Shock-Lance:
A modification on the esoteric corposant stave performed in emulation of the shock lances borne by the mighty Cerastus Knights, corposant shock-lances strike with terrifying speed, unleashing surges of energy which burn out circuits and haemorrhage neural tissue.

Corposant Shock-Lance:   Range: -   Str: As User   AP: 2   Type: Melee, Concussive, Swift Strike, Haywire
Energy Shroud:
A potent side-effect of the powerful energy capacitors required by their twin corposant shock-lances, Idolum Class Battle-automata are cloaked by a crackling haze of electromagnetic radiation, which serves to confuse targeting systems and sensors, confounding the defences of their prey just as they move to strike. Idolum Class Battle-automata gain the Shrouded special rule and count as being equipped with defensive grenades.  


The standing militia of the Prefecture Magisterium, the Sanctoris are an auxiliary force which can be assembled by the Magisterium Cohorts of any Forge World in times of doctrinal crises. Drawn from amongst the ranks of the Mechanicum’s priesthood, any ordained member of the clergy may submit themselves for induction into the ranks of the Sanctoris, from the lowliest Lexmechanic to the highest Magi. Far from the disordered and poorly-equipped militia reserves maintained by many worlds in the wake of the Great Crusade’s front, heeding the call of the Prefecture Magisterium requires submission to total cybernetic reconstruction and neural programming, turning any Venatorii Sanctoris into a relentless warrior utterly devoted to the three tenets of castigation laid down by the Prefecture Magisterium: eradication of the flesh, sundering of the machine and termination of the animus.   

Every Taghmata fleet of significant size deployed during the Great Crusade maintained a detachment drawn from the forces of the Prefecture Magisterium, usually accompanied by a number of Sanctoris Covenants, which often fluctuated in size as hosts of Tech Priests from across the fleet submitted themselves to the Venatorii as non-compliant worlds were encountered which presented a particular blasphemy against the Omnissiah.

Large Image

Venatorii Sanctoris:   WS: 4   BS: 3   S: 4   T: 5   W: 1   I: 3   A: 1   Ld: 8   Sv: 4+
Sanctoris Cantor:   WS: 4   BS: 3   S: 4   T: 5   W: 1   I: 3   A: 2   Ld: 9   Sv: 4+

Unit Composition:
* 10 Venatorii Sanctoris

Unit Type:
* Venatorii Sanctoris: Infantry
* Sanctoris Cantor: Infantry (Character)

Wargear (Venatorii Sanctoris):
* Maxima bolter
* Chainsword

Wargear (Sanctoris Cantor):
* Maxima bolter
* Corposant stave

Special Rules:
* Castigation Arsenal
* Feel No Pain (5+)
* Zealot

Dedicated Transport:
* A Venatorii Sanctoris Covenant may take a Triaros Armoured Conveyor as a Dedicated Transport

* The squad may include:
            - Up to an additional 10 Venatorii Sanctoris
* A single Venatorii Sanctoris in the unit may be upgraded to a:
            - Sanctoris Cantor
* For every five models in the unit, one Venatorii Sanctoris may exchange their chainsword   for one of the following:
            - Power weapon
            - Lightning claw
            - Power fist

Castigation Arsenal:
The driving principals enacted by the Venatorii Sanctoris in battle are rooted in the ‘tenets of castigation’ dictated by the Malagra Magos-warlords of the Prefecture Magisterium, principals which extend even to their weapons of war, for each Sanctor carries a colossal ammunition silo upon their back, containing a trinity of munitions selectively capable of sundering flesh, steel or the very mind of their target. Models with this special rule are equipped with Iron-sunder and Mind-purge bolt shells for their Maxima bolters (in addition to their normal weapon profile), and may choose which to shoot each turn they fire.

Iron-sunder bolt shells:   Range: 12”   Str: 4   AP: 5   Type: Salvo 2/3, Rending, Shred
Mind-purge bolt shells:   Range: 12”   Str: 3   AP: -   Type: Salvo 2/3, Blind, Haywire


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